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These are the new patented diamond grinding cups. They are used in the grinding phase of sphere making. These are made with inserts of 60 grit diamond silver soldered to the steel tubing ring. They are drilled on the back to accept the ABS plastic backs that use a 3/4 inch pipe thread to screw onto the sphere machine. They come in 3 different sizes depending on the size of sphere you want to grind. These cups are a fast and clean way to make spheres compared to the old way of slurry mix of silicon carbide and water. You will be able to grind 4 to 5 spheres in the time it used to do.

The cleanup is quick and easy as all you have is grit from the stone being ground and not all the grit that used to be left behind. In the long run they are cheaper then silicon carbide as you don't have to the cost of the silicon carbide. The unique part of these are they are completely rebuild able. They can be sent back to the factory and have new inserts soldered onto the old ring and if you strip the threads on the back they just unbolt with 3 10-32 bolts and you are back running. They are produced in 3 sizes and are packaged 3 to a set. If you have a 2 headed machine you can order them in sets of 2.

The 2 1/4" will do between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 Sphere
The 3 1/4 will do between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 Sphere
The 4" will do between 4 1/4 and 5 3/4 Sphere

2 1/4 in. list price $350.00 set + shipping
2 3/4 in. list price $350.00 set + shipping
3 1/4 in. list price $400.00 set + shipping
4 in. list price $450.00 set + shipping

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