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Slab Grabber
The slab grabber allows you to get the last slab out of any butt cut or small rock that you have or if you want to cut a thick slab in half by just centering it up and claming it in the fixture. It will adjust to hold a rock that is up to 5 inches tall. It will pay for it self in just a few cuts of your favorite rock.
Slab grabber list price $45.00 + shipping

Slab Grabber

Index Head
The index head is for cutting sphere blanks from rock or glass. It fits in most rock saw vises and will do a 5 in. sphere. It has an index wheel with 12 equal holes in it for a perfect blank when you finish. It will have 36 sides, which will take 28 cuts from a saw. After cutting it only takes a minor amount of grinding to get the blank ready to go in the grinding phase of making the sphere.
Indexing Head list price $225.00 + shipping

Index Head

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